Cornerstone Technologies drives Hong Kong’s EV adoption with five government projects

As a pioneer in the electric vehicle charging service industry in Hong Kong, Cstone Technology has always been committed to designing high-quality one-stop electric vehicle charging solutions for the Hong Kong people. In the past year, Cornerstone has actively collaborated with various government departments to add about 400 charging stations in public parking lots, public recreational facilities, suburban areas and shopping centers.

public recreation facilities
Cornerstone Technology collaborated with the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services to construct a total of 90 charging stations, covering 19 recreational facilities under the management of the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services, including sports fields, children’s playgrounds, swimming pools and public facilities. . beach.

Cornerstone charging station at Hexing Sports Center.
government parking lot
Cornerstone Technology worked with the Department of Environmental Protection to install a total of 153 electric vehicle charging stations in the government’s two-storey parking lots in Kwai Fong and Kennedy Town. Kwai Fong Car Parking is also equipped with Load Management System to manage and distribute power supply effectively, maximizing power supply without increasing power load. This management system is the first system in Hong Kong with Even Distribution, Dynamic Change and Fail-safe Mode to provide EV owners a fair, safe and reliable charging experience.

Remote area
Taking into account the needs of cross-border workers and residents of Lantau, expand the reach of charging facilities to remote areas.

Lintang Boundary Control Point / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point
In line with the government’s Park and Ride scheme, 120 filling stations will be installed at the border.

Mui Wo, Lantau Island
Cornerstone Technology uses professional knowledge and creativity to install up to three charging stations on the same pole to save space, and install chargers for disabled parking spaces to meet different people’s needs.

shopping center
Cornerstone Technology has also installed an electric vehicle charging station in the largest shopping center in Kwun Tong District which is currently managed by the Housing Department, and will continue to work closely with the Housing Department to expand its services to more housing and shopping centers.

The 400 new filling stations will serve Hong Kong residents along with the 700 existing filling facilities at Cornerstone. Cornerstone hopes to continue to expand the scope of electric vehicle charging facilities, strengthen cooperation with government departments and various public and private organizations, and jointly promote the development of environmental protection in Hong Kong.

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